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Speaking of R… On the 16th, TIOBE Software released the Tiobe Index of the most popular programming languages. For the first time ever, R is in the Top 20. The top spots are, no surprise, occupied by Java and C respectively. More after the jump.

New Blog!


Because the solution to not updating one blog enough is to start two, right? Weirdly, for some other parts of my life, that’s actually true. I’ve found I keep up better with things when they’re busy enough to always occupy a little bit of my attention. One thing, and I can always say “Meh, I […]

What is the use of a blog, if not to occasionally use it as a platform for your own ideas? Recently, as I’ve found myself doing more and more coding, Stack Overflow¬†has been an absurdly useful resource for getting highly technical questions answered quickly and usefully. It would be awesome to see something like that […]

Recently, on one of the several science related blogs I enjoy reading, Prof-like Substance asked Why don’t you blog?¬†As you’re reading this on a blog, the answer is clearly “I do”. But the question spawned some further reflection by both myself, and some other commenters on the post. The answer I had for myself as […]

Altering the username on my WordPress account. If everything breaks forever, I apologize.

A brief interlude from anything serious, to review a really outstanding app. The aptly named Find My iPhone, from Apple and for free. If you own an iDevice running iOS 4, and don’t have this app, you should be downloading it. Right now. Seriously. Launch iTunes, go to the App Store and get it. We […]

Wow… the last time I posted was last October. I suppose I’ve still been running on the momentum of two popular posts, “Night of the Living Model” and “Is Warhammer Balanced”. Honestly, I’ve been distracted – I stopped posting about the time working on my Master’s paper turned from a side project to “It’s due […]