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Inspired by this post: , which talks about some of the problems with hospital capacity handling a sudden influx of patients, like say, during an epidemic. It’s a problem, and one I wish people would think about more. I wish the discussion would go a bit further than the hospitals however. There’s a saying about […]

A particular rant, brought on by experiences both as a reader and subject of science writing: If you notice an article in the popular, or even scientific press, on a topic that interests you, do your level best to go look up the actual paper. Especially if you’re then going to discuss online about how […]

In the copious amount of free time that ignoring impending deadlines allows me to have, I play my share of video games. Considering the most popular post to date on this blog has been about an online zombie plague, this should come as a surprise to few. The game I play the most is World […]

John McCain also provided answers to ScienceDebate 2008 earlier in the election season, timed (no doubt intentionally) to coincide with a massive project being due and my being buried under mountains of data quality and recoding issues.   I will address them, in the same style I addressed the Obama answers, as soon as I […]

CHICAGO (AP) — A government agency has dropped plans for a study of a controversial treatment for autism that critics had called an unethical experiment on children.The National Institute of Mental Health said in a statement Wednesday that the study of the treatment — called chelation — has been abandoned. The agency decided the money would […]