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Ran across this on a number of different sites, just going over this year in terms of my interaction with the Python programming language, the open source community, etc. In a slight twist, I’m going to do the same thing for R in a second post. 1. What’s the coolest Python application, framework, or library […]

Breaking my dissertation and administrata induced silence for a small rant combining two of my favorite things – Apple Computer Inc, and simulation. Recently, the New York Times featured the article ‘Apple Confronts the Law of Large Numbers‘. The fundamental assertion? That the earnings growth and stock price of Apple cannot continue its rapid rise. […]

sciseekclaimtoken-4f343317d3d60 I ran across this post at The Tree of LifeĀ entitled ‘Interesting new metagenomics paper w/ one big big big caveat – critical software not available”. The long and short of it? Paper appears in Science, has fancy new methodology, lacks the software for someone else to useĀ their methodology. Blog author understandably annoyed. But I […]

This seems like as good a day as any to review CrossValidated, and the whole StackExchange constellation of websites. It’s been a month since I joined, exactly, and today I also crossed the 1,000 reputation threshold on the site. So why not give my impressions of it? First, how I got there in the first […]

One of the things that frequently comes up in my research is the need to estimate a parameter from data, and then randomly draw samples from that parameter’s distribution to plug into another model. If you have a regular estimate from something like PROC LOGISTIC or PROC GENMOD, this is easy as pie, as SAS […]