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So Labguru recently had a blog post entitled 5 Best Mobile Apps for Research Scientists. It’s a decent list, though it’s actually the four best, since your brand new iPad app isn’t something I’m sure you can actually count in an impartial list, though it does look cool. It’s actually a better list than most. […]

Update!: The latest version of Revolution R, which added support for RHEL 6, appears to work (it appears to at least install, run, and perform basic tasks). See this post for more details. I’ve come to enjoy using R. I had dabbled with it in the past, but found it painfully opaque, and the Effort:Reward […]

So, I’m getting a new computer soon. A decent one, running on the “I have an okay income this year, and make my computers last forever” justification. It’s a Mac Pro, something of a proper workstation, because with an iPad meeting most (if not all) of my regular mobile needs you can get far more […]

Continuing to drag my feet on putting up new content, I thought I would post my review of: The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccing Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis By Dr. Paul Offit (2007 – Yale University Press) Why bother? I’m interested in vaccines – their science, their politics and their history, […]

I’m a pretty die-hard Mac fan, when push comes to shove. Recently my significant other was shopping for a computer, and tempted by the low sticker price and absurdly powerful graphics card that I remember researching about on on I spent a few days contemplating a stint with the dark side. Then of course […]

I got an iPhone for Christmas, and like any obedient Apple geek, I’ve been looking for decent applications to put on it. To, you know, justify carrying a small computer around in my pocket. So far, I’ve been struggling. Games are nice, and built-in Google Maps is a lifesaver, but the 3rd Party Apps? Part […]

The introduction of OS X, Cocoa and the general fusion of high function, usually UNIX and scary command-line based applications and very accessible graphical user interface design has ushered in a whole slew of new and highly useful science applications for my beloved MacBook Pro. Combing through the list of Apple’s favorites, I uncovered an […]