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So Labguru recently had a blog post entitled 5 Best Mobile Apps for Research Scientists. It’s a decent list, though it’s actually the four best, since your brand new iPad app isn’t something I’m sure you can actually count in an impartial list, though it does look cool. It’s actually a better list than most. […]

Sitting underneath the shiny, if somewhat grey UI in OS X Lion is the profoundly useful, which lets you fiddle about in the Unix-based underpinnings of the OS. While using this is almost never necessary, it is often profoundly useful. Most of the time, this is mostly useful (for me) for easy access to […]

I am, as is readily apparent to anyone who reads this blog essentially at all, a die-hard Apple fan. This post is written on a Mac Pro. The last post was written on an iPad. Sitting somewhere in a messenger bag is a Macbook Pro – and my first computer was a Macintosh LC. So […]

I’m starting to see screen artifacts when I scroll down windows, and for the first time since I set it up, my machine has outright crashed, hanging in some nebulous state that even external access and a score of ‘sudo’ commands won’t fix. So much for my latest dabbling in distributed computing – sating my […]

So, I’m getting a new computer soon. A decent one, running on the “I have an okay income this year, and make my computers last forever” justification. It’s a Mac Pro, something of a proper workstation, because with an iPad meeting most (if not all) of my regular mobile needs you can get far more […]

I have a deep, warm place in my heart for I use my Mac, and love it. I’m in research. So this isn’t terribly surprising now is it? Which is why I’m so deeply saddened to occasionally visit the site that helped my with my first few baby steps into scientific computing, the source […]

Those of you who read this from the CS/Math/Engineering world will probably scoff, mutter something about damned kids being 10 years behind the times, and go and read something else. And really, it won’t dampen my enthusiasm in the slightest. My background is in Biology, particularly from a University that didn’t push computational biology, bioinformatics […]