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When wandering over various and sundry science blogs, the Facebook pages of distant high school friends who have gone on to graduate school, one of the common complaints I read about is office space. Cramped quarters, irksome office mates and the like. And at times, I envy them. You see, I work from home.

Advice for aspiring academics everywhere: When you find something like Fumbling Toward Tenure Track’s excellent Tenure-Track Job Search Advice Aggregator, do not attempt to read it all in one sitting. Not even if you’re bored and waiting for an online meeting to get started. Your heart rate will thank me.

Through most of it’s life, Confounded by Confounding has been…a bit random. Some reviews, mostly a picture into my mind, but with no real structure (so perhaps a frighteningly accurate view into my mind). But I’m going to be writing more, hopefully, and as a result, will be trying to write more about, you know, […]

Those of you who read this from the CS/Math/Engineering world will probably scoff, mutter something about damned kids being 10 years behind the times, and go and read something else. And really, it won’t dampen my enthusiasm in the slightest. My background is in Biology, particularly from a University that didn’t push computational biology, bioinformatics […]

A brief foray into the actual nitty-gritty aspects of research, especially the part that seems to dominate the time of a graduate student in Epidemiology: coding. Particularly, the code for generating random numbers from a truncated normal distribution in SAS 9.2. Generating numbers from a regular normal distribution is easy as pie: x=rannor(seed), where x […]

Alright, we’re a little short of the month-long timeframe I had originally established. But having run the circuit of near-home use, some travel, conferences, etc. I think I’ve gotten close enough to have an answer – the late release of iOS 4.2 notwithstanding. So! Can the iPad be used as a laptop replacement: Short Answer: […]

I’ve run into yet another round of hard drive issues. I’m pretty sure my hardware’s lifespan, rather than being measured in time until its processor can no longer compete, etc. can be entirely measured by the inevitable race between expanding content and the hard drive that content fills. Given, like most students, I use a […]