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The blog has gone a little quiet as I converge on what is hopefully The End of dissertating, which has been taking up an awful lot of time. But a recent post by DrugMonkey¬†on their perceptions of the hurdles crowdfunding science faces inspired me to write a post. Because, while I disagree with some of […]

As you may (or may not) have noticed, this blog has been fairly quiet recently – I had entered a period of what a family member referred to as “Radio Silence”. A combination of deadlines, trying to get projects out the door, some life-related stress and two major conferences in a month will do that. […]

So Labguru recently had a blog post entitled 5 Best Mobile Apps for Research Scientists. It’s a decent list, though it’s actually the four best, since your brand new iPad app isn’t something I’m sure you can actually count in an impartial list, though it does look cool. It’s actually a better list than most. […]

In the past two months, I’ve had a dissertation proposal, a grant submission, a half-day workshop I ran, two paper reviews, a manuscript submission, an apartment overrun with the mess from the previous bits, 1600 miles of highway driving and…oh yeah, Christmas in two different places. Hence the blog suddenly going dark, as it seems […]

First of all, let me begin by saying that I love my apartment building. To death. It’s a lovely place, that has somehow managed to balance letting me have enough of an office that I can work from home, be in the city, and still be a (modestly) affordable enough on the very modest salaries […]

Just came back from a trip overseas, having forgotten (as I do it rarely), the many joys of transatlantic flight. Particularly, the eight hours I spent listening to a poor young teenager with what sounded like an unholy fusion of whooping cough and TB suffer through a far worse flight than I was having. As […]

A particular rant, brought on by experiences both as a reader and subject of science writing: If you notice an article in the popular, or even scientific press, on a topic that interests you, do your level best to go look up the actual paper. Especially if you’re then going to discuss online about how […]

When wandering over various and sundry science blogs, the Facebook pages of distant high school friends who have gone on to graduate school, one of the common complaints I read about is office space. Cramped quarters, irksome office mates and the like. And at times, I envy them. You see, I work from home.

Advice for aspiring academics everywhere: When you find something like Fumbling Toward Tenure Track’s excellent Tenure-Track Job Search Advice Aggregator, do not attempt to read it all in one sitting. Not even if you’re bored and waiting for an online meeting to get started. Your heart rate will thank me.

Through most of it’s life, Confounded by Confounding has been…a bit random. Some reviews, mostly a picture into my mind, but with no real structure (so perhaps a frighteningly accurate view into my mind). But I’m going to be writing more, hopefully, and as a result, will be trying to write more about, you know, […]