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It’s always been somewhat puzzling to me that my admittedly small sample of truly appalling data visualization have been from largely right-wing sources: The Economist, and the Laffer Curve. The Laffer Curve particularly is an insult to anyone who has ever fit a line to data, and would just be sad if it wasn’t still being used […]

This seems like as good a day as any to review CrossValidated, and the whole StackExchange constellation of websites. It’s been a month since I joined, exactly, and today I also crossed the 1,000 reputation threshold on the site. So why not give my impressions of it? First, how I got there in the first […]

I’m starting to see screen artifacts when I scroll down windows, and for the first time since I set it up, my machine has outright crashed, hanging in some nebulous state that even external access and a score of ‘sudo’ commands won’t fix. So much for my latest dabbling in distributed computing – sating my […]

Recently, the hashtag #sparktweets made the rounds on Twitter for a bit, before it faded into, well, the dull background roar of 140-word mini-musings that is Twitter. The original post about them is here. They’re a clever way to present visual information using standard ASCII characters inside Tweets – and other short, space limited media. They’re […]

Mike the Mad Biologist (among others) have covered an article that appeared in Slate ‘Darwin’s Rape Whistle’, which asks the question “Have women evolved to protect themselves from sexual assault?” Like most pop-Evolutionary Psychology articles, it leaves me grinding my teeth. Normally I hesitate to harp on other people’s fields, but Evolutionary Psych, especially as […]

Through most of it’s life, Confounded by Confounding has been…a bit random. Some reviews, mostly a picture into my mind, but with no real structure (so perhaps a frighteningly accurate view into my mind). But I’m going to be writing more, hopefully, and as a result, will be trying to write more about, you know, […]

As mentioned previously, I am currently in the process of a month-long “field test” of the Apple iPad as a laptop replacement. Not in the conventional sense of “I have a laptop, could the iPad serve as my primary computer” (although I suspect for many home users this could be true), but “With an iPad, […]