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It started in Miami – or at least, that’s where the first reports came from. Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic were overrun so quickly that there was some speculation that those first cases were just imports from abroad. Of course, by that time, with 56 million dead and twice that many undead, the vaugaries […]

So, this has taken me awhile to post, and for those of you who read various and sundry science blogs regularly, this is probably old news. But I’ll post my thoughts anyway, because its my blog and I’ll do what I want */childish voice*. Sharon Begley of Newsweek recently published an article asserting that academia […]

I ran across a paper, “Walbot, V. Are we training put bulls to review our manuscripts? J Biol. 2009.” while browsing erv. Her response was just a bit of off the cuff defense of her admittedly adorable pitbull. But I think that the paper deserves at least a bit more actual consideration. Peer review, paper […]

I’m very, very interested in the idea of virtual (or to use the slightly swankier term, in silico) epidemiology. Simulation models, computational epidemiology, etc… its all interesting, and I think there’s a lot of insight to be had. One part of this field that keeps getting attention is the World of Warcraft. The poor dears keep having outbreaks […]

I do a fair amount of work with epidemiological models of infectious disease. Both of the empirical regression type and also theoretical simulation models of disease transmission. The latter is the subject of this rant – the former may be the subject of later ones.   One type of model is a ‘compartmental’ model, usually called an […]

CHICAGO (AP) — A government agency has dropped plans for a study of a controversial treatment for autism that critics had called an unethical experiment on children.The National Institute of Mental Health said in a statement Wednesday that the study of the treatment — called chelation — has been abandoned. The agency decided the money would […]