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The blog has gone a little quiet as I converge on what is hopefully The End of dissertating, which has been taking up an awful lot of time. But a recent post by DrugMonkey on their perceptions of the hurdles crowdfunding science faces inspired me to write a post. Because, while I disagree with some of […]

Almost no one will contest that being able to reproduce the findings from scientific studies is key to advancing science – I say almost no one because in my experience you can always find one person to disagree with anything if you look hard enough. We all acknowledge its possible, have entire sessions devoted to […]

This seems like as good a day as any to review CrossValidated, and the whole StackExchange constellation of websites. It’s been a month since I joined, exactly, and today I also crossed the 1,000 reputation threshold on the site. So why not give my impressions of it? First, how I got there in the first […]

Inspired by a question posted by a friend of mine on Twitter, I’ve been pondering this article and the use of social networks as a tool for public health research. Since Twitter’s character cap means subtly and nuance are never, ever going to be their strong suit what follows is a longer musing about the question […]

One of the things that frequently comes up in my research is the need to estimate a parameter from data, and then randomly draw samples from that parameter’s distribution to plug into another model. If you have a regular estimate from something like PROC LOGISTIC or PROC GENMOD, this is easy as pie, as SAS […]

I was recently inspired to comment on this blog post, asking is R is a cure for ‘mindless statistics’. Anyone whose familiar with statistics used in applied fields like epidemiology, sociology, social sciences generally will be familiar with the idea of a ‘statistical ritual’. Rather than think about the proper statistical approach to every question, […]

I like Open Access journals. As a student – one without an on-campus office where I can ruthlessly exploit the University’s proxy server – they make my life easier. I appreciate what they’re trying to do. But at the same time, I understand for-pay journals. Science, after all, costs money, even the publishing side. And […]

Inspired by this post: , which talks about some of the problems with hospital capacity handling a sudden influx of patients, like say, during an epidemic. It’s a problem, and one I wish people would think about more. I wish the discussion would go a bit further than the hospitals however. There’s a saying about […]

Just came back from a trip overseas, having forgotten (as I do it rarely), the many joys of transatlantic flight. Particularly, the eight hours I spent listening to a poor young teenager with what sounded like an unholy fusion of whooping cough and TB suffer through a far worse flight than I was having. As […]

A particular rant, brought on by experiences both as a reader and subject of science writing: If you notice an article in the popular, or even scientific press, on a topic that interests you, do your level best to go look up the actual paper. Especially if you’re then going to discuss online about how […]