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It’s always been somewhat puzzling to me that my admittedly small sample of truly appalling data visualization have been from largely right-wing sources: The Economist, and the Laffer Curve. The Laffer Curve particularly is an insult to anyone who has ever fit a line to data, and would just be sad if it wasn’t still being used […]

This seems like as good a day as any to review CrossValidated, and the whole StackExchange constellation of websites. It’s been a month since I joined, exactly, and today I also crossed the 1,000 reputation threshold on the site. So why not give my impressions of it? First, how I got there in the first […]

Inspired by a question posted by a friend of mine on Twitter, I’ve been pondering this article and the use of social networks as a tool for public health research. Since Twitter’s character cap means subtly and nuance are never, ever going to be their strong suit what follows is a longer musing about the question […]