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SAS-X (and its cousin, R-Bloggers) is a massively useful resource for learning new tricks with your language of choice, keeping track of news, and generally getting to see cool things people are doing with data software. Which is why I’m pleased to say that Confounded by Confounding posts with the ‘SAS’ category tag will now […]

One of the things that frequently comes up in my research is the need to estimate a parameter from data, and then randomly draw samples from that parameter’s distribution to plug into another model. If you have a regular estimate from something like PROC LOGISTIC or PROC GENMOD, this is easy as pie, as SAS […]

What is the use of a blog, if not to occasionally use it as a platform for your own ideas? Recently, as I’ve found myself doing more and more coding, Stack Overflow¬†has been an absurdly useful resource for getting highly technical questions answered quickly and usefully. It would be awesome to see something like that […]

I was recently inspired to comment on this blog post, asking is R is a cure for ‘mindless statistics’. Anyone whose familiar with statistics used in applied fields like epidemiology, sociology, social sciences generally will be familiar with the idea of a ‘statistical ritual’. Rather than think about the proper statistical approach to every question, […]