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I am, as is readily apparent to anyone who reads this blog essentially at all, a die-hard Apple fan. This post is written on a Mac Pro. The last post was written on an iPad. Sitting somewhere in a messenger bag is a Macbook Pro – and my first computer was a Macintosh LC. So […]

First of all, let me begin by saying that I love my apartment building. To death. It’s a lovely place, that has somehow managed to balance letting me have enough of an office that I can work from home, be in the city, and still be a (modestly) affordable enough on the very modest salaries […]

Recently, on one of the several science related blogs I enjoy reading, Prof-like Substance asked Why don’t you blog? As you’re reading this on a blog, the answer is clearly “I do”. But the question spawned some further reflection by both myself, and some other commenters on the post. The answer I had for myself as […]

I like Open Access journals. As a student – one without an on-campus office where I can ruthlessly exploit the University’s proxy server – they make my life easier. I appreciate what they’re trying to do. But at the same time, I understand for-pay journals. Science, after all, costs money, even the publishing side. And […]

Inspired by this post: , which talks about some of the problems with hospital capacity handling a sudden influx of patients, like say, during an epidemic. It’s a problem, and one I wish people would think about more. I wish the discussion would go a bit further than the hospitals however. There’s a saying about […]