CbC Reviews: Find My iPhone


A brief interlude from anything serious, to review a really outstanding app. The aptly named Find My iPhone, from Apple and for free. If you own an iDevice running iOS 4, and don’t have this app, you should be downloading it. Right now.

Seriously. Launch iTunes, go to the App Store and get it. We can wait.

What does the app actually do? Well, it enables remote accessing of your iToys, either from another device, or http://www.me.com. From there, it’ll locate your iPhone, iPad, etc., displaying it on a handy Map-style map with the familiar point and circle of “it’s in the vicinity of here”.

It’s amazing. In addition to that, you can send a message or have the device make noise for two minutes – an endearing sonar-like ping – lock the device, or in dire emergencies, wipe it entirely to keep any information that’s on it from falling into the wrong hands.

Seriously spy movie stuff. It’s a remarkable age we live in.

My one complaint? The set-up is a tiny bit obtuse, but Apple’s instructions are decent. That, and I didn’t have this program when I lost my phone traveling over the holidays (luckily found the old fashioned way).

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