Is Warhammer Balanced?: A Request


It amuses me, a bit, that by far my most popular post on this blog is the analysis I ran awhile back on the question “Is Warhammer Balanced”? It generated a good many interesting questions, some posts, and a number of discussions on this blog and on Warhammer message boards across the internet.

Things have, of course, changed since then. A new edition, most importantly, the rise of the large blocks of infantry, rumors of the powerhouse that is mortars and stone throwers, and somewhere, my heavy cavalry based Vampire army curled up in a corner asking when it will all stop.

So I come to those still occasionally reading with a request: I’d like to run the analysis again. With better data, hopefully more data, to provide a more nuanced and updated attempt at answering that age old question: Is Warhammer Balanced?

40K too. Because why not?

So, if you are a tournament organizer, member of a club that might be interested in helping out, or anything of the like – or know someone who might be – please drop me a line at at, and we’ll see what we can do. I’m looking for tournament data, and ideally, enough of it to get a really good picture of some of the patterns behind how armies perform.

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