CbC Reviews: Snow Leopard


I’m a pretty die-hard Mac fan, when push comes to shove. Recently my significant other was shopping for a computer, and tempted by the low sticker price and absurdly powerful graphics card that I remember researching about on on gamingbuff.com. I spent a few days contemplating a stint with the dark side. Then of course I had to *use* said computer.

So now I’m back on the trusty Macbook Pro, enjoying the beautiful screen, the responsive keys and the overall look and feel. And for $29, I’m doing it with the latest, greatest OS, Snow Leopard.

Now I’m sure the people over a MacResearch will give a more adequate rundown of all the under-the-hood improvements that make this a rip-roaringly awesome operating system, but I’m going to stick with my first impressions, and talk about the things that have – so far -impacted me the most.

The first is the expanded role of the various “see tons of stuff” interface improvements. Expose can now live on your dock, making the various window layouts accessable from your mouse as well as your keyboard, which is pretty sweet. And stacks are now scrollable. This is pretty huge for say, my Downloads folder, which is filled with files yet to be organized onto other places on my hard drive. The ability to scroll through for what you’re looking for has shot the viability of using stacks for organizing medium-sized folders of documents and applications through the roof.

The second is the space gain. Everyone I’ve hear who has upgraded to the new OS has experienced considerable reclaiming of hard drive space. I managed to snatch 7 gigs or so away from old legacy OS junk. Which for someone whose started having to play the “what can I throw away so I have enough to install a software patch” game, this is a big deal. To be frank, even if Snow Leopard did nothing else, 7 gigs of space is worth $30 of my money.

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