CbC Reviews: Whiteboard Capture


I got an iPhone for Christmas, and like any obedient Apple geek, I’ve been looking for decent applications to put on it. To, you know, justify carrying a small computer around in my pocket.

So far, I’ve been struggling. Games are nice, and built-in Google Maps is a lifesaver, but the 3rd Party Apps? Part of the issue is there are so many that its hard to just browse for useful things.

Then someone mentioned Whiteboard Capture . This is, far and away, probably the most useful $1.99 I’ve spent in a long time. What’s it do? Simply put, you take a picture of a whiteboard with your camera, glare from florescent lights and all, and it processes it to a black & white image with very clear lines and text so you can make all of this out in the future. It’s made methods discussions in journal club so much more useful now that I have an archive of them – and being image files, you can send them to others.

It’s not going to save the world or anything, and it would be nice if it could process color, but all in all a cool little program.

An example image taken from a journal club discussion is below:


Journal Club Whiteboard

Journal Club Whiteboard

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