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On Fatness


It is impossible if one is at all associated with public health, or indeed owns a TV, to have missed the news that obesity is on the rise, and as far as your health is concerned, doubleplusbad. And that’s true…obesity is associated will all manner of negative outcomes. What’s frustrating is how that gets translated. […]

As promised, I’m going to consider John McCain’s answers to ScienceDebate on the “14 Questions” that have to count for science’s pound of flesh considering there will clearly never actually be a debate. I’ve mentioned before that I think that the burden of proving a pro-Science stance is on John McCain. If nothing else, the […]

John McCain also provided answers to ScienceDebate 2008 earlier in the election season, timed (no doubt intentionally) to coincide with a massive project being due and my being buried under mountains of data quality and recoding issues.   I will address them, in the same style I addressed the Obama answers, as soon as I […]

I do a fair amount of work with epidemiological models of infectious disease. Both of the empirical regression type and also theoretical simulation models of disease transmission. The latter is the subject of this rant – the former may be the subject of later ones.   One type of model is a ‘compartmental’ model, usually called an […]

I have a confession to make. I have a deep and abiding fondness for data visualization. I think it helps epidemiologists, public health workers and scientists in general understand things in ways numbers, however compelling, cannot. But like statistics, graphs can be cooked, manipulated and generally wiggled around until the information they convey is lost. […]