PZ Myers and Abigail Smith on bloggingheads.tv


I’d never heard of bloggingheads.tv before today, but it’s pretty cool. Essentially, can we turn the ultra-low budget “journalists” of the blog community into the “talking heads” so familiar with TV news. It’s neat, you should check it out.


The reason I discovered this now is that PZ Myers (of the blog Pharyngula) and Abigail Smith (of the blog ERV) were on this Saturday talking science. The whole thing is here.

The discussion was interesting. The sections in which they knock (admittedly deserving) creationists are a bit old for those who read their blogs, but someone has to do it. On the actual science end of things, they’re discussion on Epigenetics, Lenski’s really interesting E. coli results and the life of a female graduate student in the biological sciences are outstanding.

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