A Matter of Small Importance


I had a teacher once tell me, and a classroom of twenty-five of my fellow students that momentous, “life altering events” are a good time to start keeping a journal, writing down our thoughts, so that someday we would be able to look back and see things as they were then, not as we remember them. I very much doubt anyone followed her advice. Heck, I’m note sure many people actually heard her – we were busy watching the first World Trade Center tower burn on CNN, a TV perched on a creaky AV cart a distraction from what we were supposed to be covering.


July 10, 2008 was no such date. ‘Confounded by Confounding’, the ongoing saga of the life and times of a graduate student in public health, was born in a mostly beige office in between literature searches. 


So, what is this? Quite clearly, it’s a blog. It’s my thoughts – and hopefully someday discussions if anyone gets around to reading them, on science, life, graduate studies, public health in general, epidemiology specifically. The author is, as you may have gathered by now, an epidemiology graduate student, with a unnatural fondness for infectious diseases and a habit of staying up far later than is conventionally advisable. And this blog is my ’40 acres and a mule’ of the great, wide internet.

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