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The introduction of OS X, Cocoa and the general fusion of high function, usually UNIX and scary command-line based applications and very accessible graphical user interface design has ushered in a whole slew of new and highly useful science applications for my beloved MacBook Pro. Combing through the list of Apple’s favorites, I uncovered an […]

I’d never heard of before today, but it’s pretty cool. Essentially, can we turn the ultra-low budget “journalists” of the blog community into the “talking heads” so familiar with TV news. It’s neat, you should check it out.   The reason I discovered this now is that PZ Myers (of the blog Pharyngula) and […]

I have decided to format at least some (if not all) of the rants and paranoid scribbling that seem to accompany blogging as a general rule into a somewhat orderly series: “Letters to be Found During the Investigation”, categorized as LFDI. The exact nature of the investigation I leave to you, the reader. +++ Dear Person, Thank you, […]

I had a teacher once tell me, and a classroom of twenty-five of my fellow students that momentous, “life altering events” are a good time to start keeping a journal, writing down our thoughts, so that someday we would be able to look back and see things as they were then, not as we remember them. […]